Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kickin' off Memorial Day Weekend...

After many, many, many months of renovations and repairs to our family's Wintergreen house we were finally able to head back up the mountain to enjoy the long weekend in the woods. 

We started our weekend the only way we know how, a picnic at Wintergreen Winery.  We very much looked forward to getting back to our favoirte vineyard and were greeted by the same smiling faces that recongized our longer than normal abscence.  They had new wines for us to taste and after settling on a chilled bottle of their famous Thomas Nelson White, we headed outside for a picninc lunch.

Adam and Liddy had fun, as always, chasing each other around their big open fields.  The creek was running as well which adds the perfect backdrop to a great start to a holiday weekend. 

Apparently it's not just the wine that will make you want to take a nap...all that chasing around seems to have had the same affect! ;)

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