Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Long Long Honeymoon...

I'd like to think that this (almost) daily journal of our lives is Andy's favorite blog to read, but I'm up against some tough competition now that we've entered the world of camper ownership.  After a quick check of the morning's headlines on WTOP, Andy's next stop during his morning coffee is always Long Long Honeymoon

Basically it's about a couple that bought an Airstream and spent their honeymoon "getting hitched," as their slogan makes very clear.  They still kept their day jobs, but as their blog gains more and more momentum it's inevitable that they'll eventually strike gold with some Travel Channel contract allowing them to extend their honeymoon just a bit longer. 

I will say that it is a clever site, pairing camping tips and tricks with witty commentary and destinations that make you anxious to get back out on the road to experience the adventures in person. 

So as a, no so handcrafted, Father's Day present, Andy was also gifted with an official "Long Long Honeymoon," t-shirt, and I couldn't resist buying a matching one for myself.

I suppose it's official, I'm a camper and I have the shirt to prove it.  Though I must say, if it means we can continue our own Long Long Honeymoon, then I say bring it on!

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