Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flower power...

I know it sounds very cliche to say, but there really is something about having fresh flowers in the house that makes me very happy. They really do brighten up a room and they have an uncanny ability to make an ordinary day seem a little more like a special occasion. So, I am often on the look out for a great (and affordable!) bouquet of flowers to display.

Recently I struck (flower) gold at the Old Town Alexandria farmer's market. I got 25 long stem roses for $14 and six of the most amazing sunflowers I've ever seen for a mere $6.00. To be honest, I actually got the sunflowers on loan from the stand owner as I had used up my cash on the roses. He told me to just take them and pay the next time I was at the market--even if that wasn't for a month or two! He was very generous, stating his dad always taught him that if someone needs to "borrow" flowers, you always say yes! Borrowing money was a different story! Needless to say, he has a customer for life now...his mission--accomplished.

I couldn't believe how far I was able to stretch these flowers and before I knew it I had five arrangements put together which made for a lot of brightened up rooms! :)

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