Monday, July 23, 2012

An evening on the boardwalk...

After spending the day on the beach with Ava and Reid we all went back to their beach house for outdoor showers (there's truly no better way to shower) and a little air conditioning.  We worked on a puzzle, played with toys (Reid has some seriously cool action figures!) and enjoyed a little happy hour. 

Then we loaded their "Sit 'n Stand" stroller with all three kiddos and Andy took on the grueling task of pushing a 100+ lb stroller to the boardwalk.  :) 

Our first destination was Funland where Adam and Ava rode every ride they were tall enough for.  There were firetrucks, boats, swings, helicopters and trains.  I couldn't get over how cheap it was (roughly 30 cents a ride) and Adam couldn't stop smiling.  It was one thing to ride the rides in Hershey, it was another to have his girlfriend riding along side him at the beach!  In the meantime, Reid was off playing every game he could and winning, oh about a gagillion tickets!  Fun for all!

Afterwards we headed to Nicola Pizza for dinner and stuffed ourselves with pizza, pasta, and Nicabolis.  And because nothing caps off a day at the beach quite like a scoop of ice cream...

Thanks Kristine, Kathleen, Reid and Ava for sharing a great day at the beach with us! 

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