Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sandy Adam...

Last week's beach vacation was so fantastic! We ate amazing food, played cards, read, relaxed, and most importantly, spent a ton of time with Adam.

It's amazing the difference that two months can make. He really was a lot more active but at the same time, much more sure of himself and anxious to actually play in the sand. The last trip, I was far more cautious about him getting in the sand as he automatically wanted to put everything in his mouth. Aside from a few fingers in the mouth this time, his mouth really did stay sand free, and that meant we were really able to let him explore and enjoy the beach!

From making sand castles with Uncle Mark (ok, Mark made the castles and Adam knocked them down) to crawling non-stop for about 30 minutes all over the beach, to actually enjoying the surf, I'd say that Adam is officially a beach bum! :)

Here's to planning next year's beach trips!! :)

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