Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oyster hunters...

On Tuesday, Andy, Mark and I took the boat out for a quick splash around the sound. It was such a pretty morning and it was good to get Wally back in salt water! After splashing around for a bit we drove to the little spot on the sound where we found all those great oysters and mussels the last time we were here.

The tide was low, so the water was barely up to our shins and right from the start we were finding oysters left and right! Mark was a pro and Andy was much braver this time, though he was wearing gloves so I'm not sure he was too much braver! After about 15 minutes we had a cooler filled with at least two dozen oysters and probably close to 4 dozen mussels!

Our "take" made for a great happy hour filled with oysters on the half and steamed mussels in white wine, butter and garlic--yum! Even Adam joined us for happy hour and sipped on a nice 2010 white Similac! :)

So fun being able to have such a fancy cocktail hour--for FREE! :)

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