Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beach week...the sequel!

Well folks, we're back at the beach! We had so much fun the first time we couldn't resist the opportunity to come back and this time, we brought even more reinforcements!! Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Mark!

We got down here on Sunday afternoon and luckily got everything unpacked before the rain started. We're hopeful that that's the only rain we'll see all week (fingers crossed!)

We then spent Sunday evening just relaxing, playing cards, and making plans for the week. Adam had such a long day that he didn't even wake up until almost 7:00 yesterday morning!! Of course we were all up by 6:00 anyhow!! Someday we'll learn to sleep in again! :)

Yesterday was the perfect beach day. While Adam napped and Grandpa kept watch, the rest of us laid out in the sun. Then it was time for Adam to get reacquainted with the beach and the ocean. He did much better in the ocean this time. And he had a great time playing in the sand--and I was most impressed with myself for not freaking out when he became literally covered in sand--I'm learning to handle messes, one sandy step at a time!

After Adam's afternoon nap we brought him down to a little tidal pool further down the beach. He loved splashing around in that as the water was nice and warm.

All in all it was a great first full day at the beach rounded out with happy hour on the deck with a great breeze to keep us all cool!


Sommer said...

Love it! Wish I was there too! Have an awesome week all! Big hugs!

RipleyVT said...

So jealous!!! I can't wait to bring Olivia for her first beach trip next year!