Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kick-off to Homecoming in Blacksburg...

After my conference ended I hit the road and made the trip from Greensboro to Blacksburg to meet up with Andy and to check out our home away from home for the weekend...our RV.  This is the second time we've visited Blacksburg in an RV (remember this?) and we were looking forward to enjoying another fun football weekend at Tech. 

They switched the parking around a bit so this time we were parked on what used to be the first hole at Tech's golf course.  It was a pretty appropriate parking spot considering our relationship started 10 years ago on that very golf course.

After getting settled in we quickly changed into our golf clothes and headed to Tech's new golf course, The River Course, but not without a quick lunch break at Macadoos and a shopping spree at the bookstore.  :)

This was our first time playing The River Course and we were definitely impressed, to say the least.  Of course it helped that the trees were decked out in Hokie orange and maroon! It really is a gorgeous course and while our golf games weren't quite as pretty, it was still a great afternoon on the links. 

After golf we headed back to the RV, changed into some more "downtown" appropriate attire and made our way through campus to some of our favorite night time spots in Blacksburg.  We started at Sharkeys and once we fought our way through the muuuuuuch younger crowd (ugh) we ordered some "Strong" Island Iced Teas (the long time Friday special) and found a somewhat quiet spot in the corner.  Shortly after, our great friends Chris and Aimee joined us and we spent the next 30 or so minutes discussing how cheap the drinks were, how short the skirts were, and how old we felt! Ha! :)

After a quick stop at Champs and some super yummy and equally unhealthy chicken dippers, we all agreed it was past our bed times and we all called it a night, opting to save our energy for a day of tailgating and football watching. 

Did I mention it was only 10?

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