Friday, November 4, 2011

Tailgating and Hokie Football...

We had such a great time tailgating before the Homecoming game.  We smoked chicken wings (something we learned about at the golf course on Friday--hello? How did we never think to smoke wings before?!), played corn hole, and just enjoyed being surrounded by so much orange and maroon! 

While we think we did a pretty good job with our tailgate, we are definitely amateures compared to some of the tailgates we saw.  Just next door to us we had balloons and lights, across the way there were grills going and some new sort of full contact beer pong game taking place, but the most hard core tailgate we saw had a life sized version of "Angry Birds."  The enemies in this version were the mascots of our competitors in the ACC and the "Angry Bird" was non other than the Hokie Bird!  Having never met the Hokie Bird as a student, I was just slightly excited.

After we were fully "tailgated" we made the trek over to the stadium and were even able to find some cheap tickets along the way.  While our seats were up pretty high, we didn't mind, it just felt good to be back in Lane Stadium cheering on our Hokies (who, by the way, won.) ;)

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