Friday, November 18, 2011

The Family and the Camper...

I must say when Andy rents a camper...he really rents a camper.  This was truly a house on wheels and with my personal touches (pumpkins, scented candles and sweet cinnamon pumpkin hand soap) it was the perfect place to spend a weekend in the multi-colored woods. 

To say that Adam was excited about the prospect of spending a weekend in a camper was an understatement.  In fact, the word ecstatic wouldn't even come close to describing it.  Have I mentioned the brain washing that's been taking place since Adam was likely only the size of pea??  Adam was all about investigating every inch of the camper and when it came time to helping Daddy, he was right there willing to lend a hand. 

Liddy on the other hand was all about the fresh air, and of course the sticks.  For those of you that don't camp (I'm talking to you Mom and Dad) there are a lot of sticks in the woods.  This makes for a very happy Liddy. 

We sat by the fire and told campfire stories...did you hear the one about the baby that came out of the womb chanting "camper camper camper!?" 

We made hand print turkeys and played with stamps and stickers (you didn't think I'd leave my Martha side at home did you?)

To be honest, I think I could get used to this...

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