Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trip to Jamestown

I remember as a kid LOVING Jamestown so I was excited to take Andy (who had never been) and Adam knowing they'd love it too.  It is really so well done, and the new museum was great with lots to keep Adam's attention. 

Once outside we had fun walking through the Indian village and then up to the Fort where we walked through the masonry, the Church of England, and got to see the Governor's mansion. 


Then we made our way to the water and got to not only see the ships but got to go onto them.  I'm not sure I recall being able to board the ships as a kid, so this was an added bonus for sure.  The tour guides, dressed to the times, were great and encouraged us to explore and even lay down in the beds.  Adam was mesmerized!

After exploring the ships we walked back through the Indian village and let Adam run around.  He was very well behaved and seemed to really be taking it all in.  Looking forward to exploring more places like Jamestown with Adam in the future.

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