Friday, November 18, 2011

The Princess (ha) and the Camper...

It's no surprise to those that know us that one of Andy's goals in life is to one day own a camper.  He grew up with a camper and has wonderful memories of camping trips and Christmases spent amidst the woods.  Meanwhile, those that know me well know that I'm still learning how to spell the word "camper" having learned at an early age how to quickly spell the words "hotel reservation." 

Alas, our two worlds have collided and I'm nothing if not open to new things ( family can stop laughing now) so I've recently become more open to the discussion of bringing a camper into our lives.  It's important to note that Andy deserves major props for having planted the seed early with Adam, to the point that my sweet two year old is now pointing out, and with glee I might add, campers on the road every time he sees them (well played Andy, well played.) 

We've had two great camper experiences with our trips to Blacksburg, but Andy was ready for Adam and I to experience a real camping trip so with the (again, well played) bribe of a trip to Williamsburg (one of my favorite places) I was on board and thus our family camping trip commenced. 

(Did I mention Andy is very persuasive?) ;)

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