Saturday, October 29, 2011

Conference in Greensboro

Last week I headed to Greensboro, NC for my organization's 19th Annual Conference.  While not the most glamorous of locations, it really was the perfect spot for my crew of engineers to gather for a week of education, networking, and a lot of beer!

This was my 6th conference with this group and have to brag and say it was definitely our best one yet.  We had a champagne toast to celebrate 10 years of the certification program that I oversee.  We also had Jeff Hammond (a famous NASCAR pit crew chief, so I'm told) as our keynote so we used that to theme the conference with lots of NASCAR and racing decor.  We even got a race car with our logo on it and had some of our exhibitors sponsor logos on it at as well.  It was pretty cool, I must say. 

For one of the evening receptions we brought in a simulator car and our attendees got to take a five minute race around the Charlotte race track.  I took a spin in it as well, but lasted about 30 seconds before I had crashed and burned...I blame my heels...and chardonnay (see, you really shouldn't drink and drive!)

While it was a long and hectic week and I missed my family like crazy the satisfaction of knowing we put on one heck of a conference made up for it. 

Next year, we head to Orlando and we're already getting excited about it...

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