Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Train to the Clifton Fair

We discovered the Clifton Fair last year and had so much fun we made a point to put it on our calendar for this year as well. 

This year we discovered that the train runs from Burke to Clifton and the ride is free!  We were so excited to take Adam on the train and he loved every minute of it.  Andy dropped us off and drove to Clifton so we wouldn't be tied to the train schedule for our return home, and Adam and I headed off for our big rail adventure!

Adam's eyes were so big just taking everything in as we waited on the platform.  Then his ears perked up as he heard the train coming towards us and started shouting, "train coming! train coming!" 

The ride wasn't too long but we did get the added bonus of having another train come up right beside us!  Adam was in train heaven! 

The fair was also very fun, but the train ride was certainly the highlight!  Can't wait until next year!

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