Monday, October 11, 2010

Clifton Day Fair

Yesterday we attended the Clifton Day Fair and had an awesome time! I couldn't believe that I had never been to Clifton before. It is probably 20 minutes from our house and yet it felt like we were on vacation in Williamsburg. I was in heaven!

The weather was beautiful and the streets were all closed so you could easily stroll up and down checking out various crafters and yummy food vendors, all set on these historic streets with these amazing homes and churches. It felt like another world.

We did some shopping, and I even came away with my first Christmas gift, but I'm not saying what it is or for whom I got it! :) I'm just excited to have officially kicked off my holiday shopping! ha!

We then found a great place to set up a little picnic. Andy and I munched on some pulled pork and red beans and rice while Adam enjoyed some turkey and cheese. In the background there was this awesome band playing everything from Elvis, to Louis Armstrong, to songs from Disney movies, like "The Bear Necessities." Adam was groovin' along for sure!

One of the highlights for me was spotting a Pinkberry tent. I couldn't imagine what a Pinkberry tent would be doing there (Pinkberry for those who don't know is this awesome frozen yogurt shop that used to only have locations in California and NYC) but it turns out that on October 22, a Pinkberry is opening up in Fairfax Corner! This makes me very happy, as did the little samples they were giving out, and even Adam was loving it!

It really was an awesome day and I can't wait to get back to Clifton to check out some of their restaurants and little shops.

Hope everyone else had as nice of a weekend as we did!

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HanSolo said...

Howdy Gribble family! We love Clifton too, I bet that Halloween would be fun there too with the bunnyman bridge and all. Miss you all. - The Hans