Monday, November 8, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving part VII...

Friday night we held our 7th Annual Pre-Thanksgiving dinner. We changed it up a little this year, in addition to holding it much earlier, we also were finally able to get our good friends Chris and Aimee to attend! Chris is a big hunter, so getting him to give up a weekend during hunting season has always been a challenge. So since they were able to join we made it a small "family" affair with just Chris and Aimee and Greg and Erica.

Andy cooked the turkey on the grill which works out so well as it keeps the oven available for all the yummy sides! The turkey came out perfectly and Greg did an awesome job carving it as per usual. Erica made broccoli casserole (a tribute to Dave and Alysia who moved to Charlotte, sniff sniff) and a caramel apple pie, Chris and Aimee made three cheese mashed potatoes which were divine, and we filled in the blanks with stuffing, sweet potatoes, baked brie and an adorable cheese ball for appetizers. What more could you ask for?

As a favor, I tried my hand a making some pumpkin butter to go along with some chocolate chip pumpkin bread. I'm not sure the pumpkin butter had the right consistency, but it was fun to try something new!

We love this little tradition of ours and love having such awesome friends who double as extended family! :)

(PS: Chris looks a little sad to have missed out on hunting doesn't he!?) ;)

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