Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Playing at the park...

While we were at Wintergreen we spent tons of time outdoors! While we've certainly had snowy (and icy!) Thanksgivings up there before, this year we had sunshine and temps in the high 50's, which allowed us to let Adam and Liddy do lots of running around in the leaves!

The park was definitely a highlight and brought back some fun memories for me as I used to play on that same playground when I was a kid. Adam loved exploring everything and there were more sticks out there than Liddy could ever need, so it made for some pretty perfect afternoons!

Uncle Mark even got to come up with us one day and he had so much fun taking Adam on the slide and pushing him in the swing! He also was able to snap some photos for us (bonus!) :)

It was fun seeing Adam and Liddy continue to play with one another. At one point Adam had found a huge stick, which Liddy promptly took from him, but she's a good girl and brought it back to him. It was a cute little game of tug and war! :)

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