Saturday, May 29, 2010

Liddy's day at the beach...

Liddy is currently passed out in a little scrunched up ball on her bed in the family room, and she has good reason to be sleepy! She has had quite a day!

It all started with a mile+ walk on the beach, which included a lot of running around and tennis ball chasing for her. She also got her paws wet as it was high tide.

Then, this afternoon, we took Liddy for a swim! Adam and I stood watching on the shore while Andy threw the ball for her and even got a little wet himself! Liddy was in heaven! She loves ridding those waves and diving into the sand.

After her swim, she too got to enjoy the wondrous outdoor shower! She tried to escape a few times, but finally gave in to her scrubbing!

Then to finish it all off, she got some deck time with Adam and with us!
Liddy is one lucky pup, but we're even luckier to have her as a part of the family!

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RipleyVT said...

Aww.....Liddy is such a sweetheart! I met a standard labradoodle on Monday and saw him again yesterday. His name is Rowdy! I wanted to put a saddle on him and have Olivia ride him around the house! HUGE version of Liddy!! Glad to see she's enjoying the beach as much as you guys are!! Oh, and Adam is so adodrable!!!