Monday, May 17, 2010

Adam's first boat ride...

On Saturday, we gathered up the courage (and a lot of sunscreen) and decided to take Adam out for his first boat ride! The sun was shining and while it was a tad bit windy, it was actually perfect weather as the breeze helped to keep us all cool even in the sun.

In preparation, we had been putting Adam's life vest on him in the house just so we could get him used to it. Considering the life vest is a non-negotiable, we had to make sure that he wouldn't start freaking out in the middle of the journey. Mission accomplished! He was so calm and amenable to the whole process--we couldn't have asked for a better passenger!

Once we got out to our typical "stomping grounds" we threw anchor and enjoyed a quick picnic on the water. Once we were anchored we gave Adam a quick break from the life vest (don't worry, that is legal) so he could enjoy his lunch on the water! What a spoiled kid huh? ;)

Sadly because of the breeze, we weren't able to take a dip in the water, it just would have been too chilly. But we'll look forward to many more lazy days on the river this summer!

Meanwhile, after a few hours in the sun and on the boat, Adam was definitely zonked! :)

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