Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clearwater Beach

I've been in Clearwater Beach, FL since Monday morning. I've been down here for a conference that I attend every year and in fact have been a speaker at it for the past two. It's always a nice meeting and you can't beat the location.

The hotel is right on the beach and my balcony overlooked the pool and the beach as well! I was even able to sneak out for an early morning walk on the beach the other day and followed that up with a great fruit plate and yogurt for breakfast.

We also had a beach bbq event on Tuesday night which was the perfect setting to catch the amazing sunset! I got a little carried away snapping pictures, but I couldn't resist.

As beautiful as that sunset was, I'm looking forward to heading home today to enjoy the sunset from my own home with my family!

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Jenn Marshall said...

SO glad you're on your way home! Hope you had a nice relaxing trip. Call me when you get home so we can schedule a playdate! ;)