Monday, May 24, 2010

Shoe shopping

Yesterday was a big shopping day for Adam! After a breakfast with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Mark, we headed to Tysons to get Adam his first official pair of shoes.

He's, of course, already worn shoes, but with his new tricks of standing, climbing and assisted walking, it was time for a more sturdy pair to help him along. Grandma tagged along, because Stride Rite apparently only accepts payments from Grandmothers--who knew?! :)

It was so cute to see Adam get his little feet measured (right and left are both 3's) and he was very well behaved--far more behaved than his father is when I take him shopping! :)

After trying on a few pairs, we decided on a very adorable (and most importantly, Velcro) pair and wouldn't you know it, they also just happened to be on sale--Grandma liked that!

Adam was very excited to show Dad his new shoes when we got home. After the fashion show, we took a walk up to the shopping center near our house and had fun poking around. Adam even tested out a mini-Adirondack chair at World Market--he seemed to like it, but we'll wait for them to go on sale...or until Grandma can come along! ;)

Thanks Grandma!! XOXOXO

(pardon the blurry pictures, they were all taken with my new blackberry...not very quality, but convenient!)


Jenn Marshall said...

Those look like Owen's first pair of Stride Rite! :) Can't wait to see your new strides Adam! YAY for walking!

RipleyVT said...

I am glad to know about the payment arrangements at Stride Rite! That way I know who to bring along when Olivia is ready for her first pair! So glad you are paving the way for us.

Maureen Gribble said...

Kath--I'm pretty sure our Grandmom paved the way, I'm just dusting off the trail! :)