Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wolf Trap Holiday Sing-a-Long...

I *love* this new tradition of taking Adam to Wolf Trap's annual holiday sing-a-long.  This was only our second time attending, but I already know this will be on our to-do list every year, weather permitting of course!

This year we had a few extra friends and family joining us.  Erica and Blake tagged along and Kathleen and Olivia also joined in the fun.  Grandma was there, but then she was also there last year, so we've officially counted her as a regular! ;)

Adam was so excited, talking all day about going to see the band play. He insisted on wearing his Santa hat, which I supported 100%.  He was very good about turning in our "Toys-4-Tots" and even wished a hearty "Merry Christmas" to the toy collector.

The music was great, the hot chocolate was luke warm, perfect for a 3 year old, and the white chocolate fudge covered gingerbread men were a hit with everyone -thanks Auntie Bebe for bringing those into our lives! 

Rudolph and Frosty made appearances on stage sending all of the kids into a frenzy and we were able to sneak out without any tears and before the traffic...always a true mark of success at any Wolf Trap event!

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