Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Party with the Powers...

So I've known the Powers since the day I was born and my parents have known them since my brother and sister were about 4 and yeah, that's a long time. Growing up they were a second set of parents, Adam was an extra brother, Ami was an extra sister, and Abby...well, Abby was by best friend (I still have a half of a "best friends forever" necklace to prove it!)

Over the years we may not have seen each other as often and the sleepovers have ended, but we've all done our best to stay connected and last weekend we actually got the entire crew together for a fantastic Christmas dinner at John and Denise's. 

The third generation spent much of the evening running around, playing with dress-up clothes and teasing Adam (poor guy, he was the only little boy) but John's train more than made up for it!

The second generation spent time reminiscing about the good old days over wine and appetizers while the adults...well, I suppose they were swapping grandparent stories.

It was a fantastic evening and best of all we got to meet Abby's fiance Robbie and his daughter Mallory. 

Love having our little gang back together and hope that some of our stories stay between friends...or ;)

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