Friday, December 28, 2012

Adam goes to the dentist...

*Warning: Proud Mom about to do some much deserved bragging!*
I've said it before and I'll say it again, my little Adam is a ROCK STAR when it comes to going to the doctor and he did not disappoint with his first dentist visit.  He is actually a very good teeth brusher and is usually (oops!) the one reminding us that he needs to brush his teeth.  We told him we were taking him to the dentist after school and it turns out his excitement level was on par with that of a kid being told that after school they'd be going to Disney World...seriously, he told his teachers all about it and jumped for joy as we got out of the car to go into the dentist's office...(weird right?! ha!)
The hygienist was super friendly and Adam did everything she asked, she said he was her best patient all day...and I believe her! I know I am a terrible patient at the dentist...but this isn't about me...

After getting his teeth all flossed and polished we met with the dentist who was so happy with Adam's teeth (and behavior...Adam was his easiest patient that day too!) and even told us his spacing looks so good we might avoid braces down the road...we have chosen not to get too excited at that prediction...but still!

Way to go Adam! Now...if only I can be as good a patient and get as good of a report when I go in 3 weeks :/

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