Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's...

We had an amazing and relaxing morning at our house opening presents, playing with new toys, making and eating Swedish Pancakes, napping (well, for Adam) and cleaning up piles of colorful and vibrant scraps of wrapping paper.  It was probably our most relaxing Christmas morning yet and we cherished every moment of it.  After we were all rested, cleaned up and caffeinated (thank you Starbucks for being open!) we headed on out to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a wonderful Christmas celebration!

We were so happy to have my Aunt Anne and Uncle Jim there to celebrate with us.  Though sadly Adam started to feel a bit under the weather so he wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about opening presents as he had been earlier that morning and actually requested to go up for another nap...

Not to worry though, as Adam napped we all swapped gifts with everyone getting exactly what they wanted.  While we were sad that Adam was up napping, it was fun to be able to focus our attention on sweet Olivia who never stopped smiling all afternoon!

Fortunately after a little snack and some play time in the basement with Olivia and Uncle Mark, Adam seemed right as rain and ready to join the family for a wonderful feast.  As per usual, Adam gave a wonderful blessing, being sure to give his thanks for his family and, of course, for Santa! 

After dinner Adam was ready to dig into his presents.  So happy to see him feeling better and enjoying the final moments of a fabulous Christmas. 

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