Thursday, December 27, 2012

7 wishes for 7 years...

On December 17, around half past 11, Andy and I celebrated 7 years as husband and wife. The best part is, we're more than husband and wife, we are mother and father, and most importantly, we're best friends.  We've had quite a year with a job change, a house on the market, a son starting Pre-School, homework (!!), and I'm told nearly 70 nights in our camper! We've been so blessed with countless evenings spent with friends and family, and have enjoyed those quiet moments when we just cuddle up as a family, watching Mickey Mouse in our pajamas.

It was a perfect year but we certainly don't take our good fortune and good memories for granted. Seeing as the traditional wedding gift for 7 years is copper, we decided to take 7 pennies and make 7 wishes in a fountain. On our honeymoon we did a lot of wish making in fountains and candle lighting in cathedrals and it seemed like as good a time as any to renew some of those wishes and prayers for the next 7 years..and more.

Happy anniversary Bub, and may all our wishes come true...


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