Saturday, December 6, 2014

"Let's Go!" ... "HOKIES!"

Our wonderful weekend in Blacksburg continued on Saturday. Sadly the weather wasn't ideal but we made the most of it! As per usual we had been the first to arrive at the golf course parking lot on Friday (after a quick stop for sandwiches at Macadoos of course) and so we got our favorite spot with gorgeous, uninhibited views of what used to be the #1 fairway. We love that set-up and were happy to use our VT corn hole boards for the first time at Tech. Needless to say we felt like we were finally legit alumni tailgaters! :)

With a Noon start to the VT v. Boston College game, we had to get to tailgating early. So it was blood marys for me, mimosas for Andy, milk for Adam and a scrambled egg skillet & smoked wings for sustenance. The drizzly rain was cold, but didn't keep us from still enjoying the outdoors, lots of corn hole matches and of course our fire. 

Soon it was time for Adam and I to head to the game (Andy decided he'd prefer to stay back and watch around the campfire). While we were bummed not to have Andy with us, the plus side was that he was then able to drive us to the stadium - which helped us avoid a puddle and mud riddled mile and a half walk. Warm and dry feet for the win! 

The weather cleared up a bit - rather dried up a bit - in time for kick-off. Adam and I jumped our little hearts out when "Enter Sandman" came on and we cheered loud for the orange and maroon! Sadly our cheers didn't help the team pull off a victory - BUT - Adam did make the jumbotron at the beginning of the 3rd quarter so we'll consider that victory enough! 

After the game we drowned our sorrows in some retail therapy, a walk on the drillfield, some golf practice, a few hands of "Go Fish," and some pumpkin carving. 

Even with the loss a weekend spent in Blacksburg cheering on the Hokies is always a winner in my book! 

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