Monday, December 29, 2014

NYC with Kathleen...

Andy had so much going on to wrap up the end of the year that he wasn't able to accompany me to NY for my office holiday party, but not to worry, I found an ideal replacement - my sister! 

We had a great drive up there with a truck load of goodies for my colleagues and the final three episodes of the "Serial" podcast to listen to. Sunny skies and mild temps meant we didn't have to worry about any yucky weather. 

Even though I had to work a bit while we were up there we still managed to squeeze in a lot of fun. On Thursday night we headed downtown with my boss and a colleague and his wife without much of a plan, just a desire to get into the city during the holidays. We were able to get to Times Square in time to buy some last minute tickets and wound up at an off-Broadway show called "Newsical the Musical." It was fantastic - think "The Daily Show" or "SNL" set to music. Bonus was that the theater was small and not sold out so we got to pick whatever seats we wanted - front row was the winning vote! 

After laughing our heads off for about 90 minutes we found a place for dinner and enjoyed walking around and seeing some of the festive sites. 

The next day was my office party which was held at this gorgeous old mansion in Tarrytown with views of the Hudson. The food was delicious and as always the gifts were plentiful - even Kathleen walked away with a little something. My company sure knows how to celebrate the holidays and their loyal employees! 

After that it was time for the after-party fun - drinks and pizza at the hotel. It wasn't a late night (we wanted to hit the road by 7:30) but it was a lot of fun and I think Kathleen enjoyed meeting my colleagues and seeing what my world is all about.

Who knows, next year we might have to have a contest to see who gets to come to the party - Andy or Kathleen!? Maybe both! 

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