Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Air & Scare at Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum

Back in September we attended a birthday party for one of Adam's friends and while the children were doing gymnastics the parents were all chi-chatting and we got to discussing how great our area is for finding fun (and usually free) activities for the weekend. Living outside of DC really does have it's perks. So one of the activities mentioned as the annual "Air & Scare" at the Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum. I remember going home and immediately adding it to our calendar. 

Adam was so excited to have an extra opportunity to dress up in his costume and was even happier that Olivia was able to dress up with him. Harry Potter & Queen Elsa were ready to do some trick-or-treating amidst the airplanes and so were about a gazillion other people it turns out. Ha! Despite the crowds, we did manage to have some fun. Adam loved having his picture with Darth Vader - who pronounced that "Harry should join the dark side as he does have some of Voldemort inside him." Nice try Darth! Olivia wasn't as comfortable with Darth, but with her mom by her side we managed to snap a pic. 

Adam didn't care much for the trick-or-treating part (mostly because standing in line was involved) instead he was all about seeing the space shuttle and all the planes on display. He's been there a few times now, but this visit I could really sense a desire to learn and explore so another visit is needed on a much less crowded day of course! 

Last but not least was a photo with a storm trooper, who wished Harry Potter a "Happy Halloween" in his computer generated voice - very nice touch! 

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