Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Lego Wonderland...

Growing up I was never really into Legos - more of a Barbie girl I suppose. But Andy, oh my, Andy was very much into them. I've always known that and have even gifted him Lego sets throughout our now 14 Christmases together (woah - hadn't done the math on that until just now.) Adam has definitely enjoyed playing with Legos and while he hadn't quite gotten the hang of putting kits together he has loved building his own creations and is always so creative and proud of what he's done - and rightfully so. That being said, Andy felt this was the year to ramp up the Lego in our lives and so Poppy and Andy got to work designing and building a Lego table that any kid (or adult) would be proud of. Modeled after the table Andy had growing up, this thing has everything - runways, campgrounds, boat ramps, houses, Cape Canaveral (!!), grass and water. Wow! Not only that, but Ommy was so great to keep all of Andy's Lego sets in tact, in boxes, and instructions manuals in binders for quick reference - double wow! A full family effort for sure! The result- a SUPER excited Adam who is now equally as ecstatic about Legos as his dad - if that's even possible. Fortunately Santa brought plenty of Lego sets and wouldn't you know it, Adam is all of a sudden pretty good at putting sets together. I see lots of amazing father/son bonding happening in what was our storage room (hello purging/cleaning/organizing - thanks for the excuse!) and is now our Lego room. For those who have seen "The Lego Movie," I think you'll understand when I say - everything is awesome! (and here's hoping Andy never reaches for the Kragle) ;) 

Is Andy too cute? 

Pardon the boxes - the Legos were in there - will post more pix of this awesome set-up soon! 

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