Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday Liddy!

Wow! How is our little puddin' head poppins already 9 years old!? Seems like just yesterday we were meeting her and falling instantly in love with her. Alas, time has flown, as it seems to do! 

Originally to celebrate we were just going to have a little party with just the four of us, but upon sharing that news with Adam he got really upset and started crying because he thought it was so sad that weren't having a bigger celebration. His heart is so big! I couldn't argue with his logic so we invited Uncle Mark, Aunt Kathleen & Olivia over for a more official birthday celebration! 

Liddy was treated with some yummy peanut butter iced blueberry muffins and gifted with all kinds of new toys to play with. 

Happy happy birthday sweet Liddy Poppins! We love you oh soooooooo much! 

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