Friday, December 12, 2014

Thanksgiving at Wintergreen...

While I have loved the years where we've hosted Thanksgiving at home, there is still something so special about the Thanksgivings we get to spend at Wintergreen. The memories of 25+ Thanksgivings spent there and the family members we spent it with, some no longer with us, make for wonderful and nostalgia filled holidays. 

This year we had the added bonus of snow! Oh my did we have snow - a good seven inches I'd say. The kids loved that as it gave them their first sledding fun of the season. I just loved the look of it and the fact that we had a warm fire to keep us toasty! 

Thanksgiving day we did our normal routine - parade, cooking, baking, football watching, Thanksgiving gifts, picture taking, and of course a feast that made all the hard work worth it! 

A reward for our hard work (aside from the great meal) was a visit to one of the local breweries on Friday for lunch. Some local brews and some online Black Friday shopping - yes please!

Added bonus #2- we had a ton of extended family spending Thanksgiving on the mountain as well. Several times growing up we had these huge Thanksgivings with different families staying in multiple houses and us all convening for a big family dinner. It was always so fun and I have wonderful memories of those super sized holidays. It was fun to re-live a little of that this year. On Friday, as we cheered on the Hokies (woohoo - 11 years in a row of beating UVA) we had a dinner party with some pretty awesome cousins. We even had three "Maureens" under one roof! That doesn't happen very often. :) 

So much to be thankful for this year but most of all, thankful for my fabulous (and sure, sometimes a little nutty) family! XO 

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