Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Parties Galore...

One thing we try our best to do each holiday season is see as many of our friends and family as we can. Even though we see most of them quite a bit throughout the year, there's something special about gathering a midst the twinkling lights with gifts to share and even some stolen kisses under the mistletoe. 

First up - Kristine, Kathleen, Reid & Ava. We just love getting these kids together. Reid and Adam went Lego crazy, building sets Adam still hadn't opened since his birthday. Ava had fun coloring and playing with Liddy, while the adults planned our 2nd annual ski trip to Wintergreen. Can't wait for February! 

Round two - Brunch with Greg, Erica, Blake & Parker. We've always made an effort to get together with this crew during the holidays - heck, one year we even flew all the way to Budapest to make it happen! ;) There's something special about seeing Blake and Adam together and as Parker gets a bit older it will be fun to see her really get in the mix. Our tradition of swapping games with each other was another success - Adam is loving his new "Head Bandz" game - fun for mom and dad too! 

Third times the Charm - John, Denise, Ami, Byron, Rachel, Laura, Adam, Abby, Robbie, Mallory, and sweet baby Taylor. This is one party we always look forward to - getting our two families all together is like a trip back in time. The memories we've all made and continue to make together will always be cherished and I hope this gathering continues each year and that the next generation keeps it up. 

Four the Win - (see what I did there) - Amy, John, Drew, Nick, Sam, Bebe, Mark, Heidi, Shawn, Garrett & Isabella. While we were shy two nephews (we missed you Dave & Kurt) we still considered it a victory to have all of Andy's siblings (& significant others) together during the holidays. Seeing Drew home from his first semester of college was an added bonus. 

Our calendar might have been full this December but it was well worth it! 

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