Saturday, May 31, 2014

Clearwater Beach - the Work Part...

I think this was my 8th time heading to Clearwater Beach, FL for my company's conference - my 3rd time as an employee - the previous 5 (or so) times I was an invited speaker. Regardless, it is one of my favorite places to visit and even though there is a lot of hard work and long hours involved, it's so fun and so worth it.

It helps when you are greeted in your hotel room by a bouquet of Mother's Day flowers (I arrived the day after Mom's Day and my sweet hubs figured flowers to brighten my hotel room all week would be a special treat and he was right!) and a bottle of wine and a cheese plate from the hotel.

It also helps that I absolutely love my team and my customers who make the trip down to attend. It's always a wonderful week of education, networking, beautiful sunsets and I won't lie - a ton of fun!

Of course when it was tiring and we all seemed to be getting sick, the thing that pulled me through was knowing that on Friday Adam and Andy would be boarding a plane to meet me there for the weekend!! :)

To be continued...

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