Friday, May 23, 2014

A 70th Birthday Celebration for Poppy!

Poppy turned 70 in April so of course we had to celebrate! With Ommy at the helm, we hosted a lovely dinner party at our house with roughly 35 friends & family in attendance. It was a wonderful party with everyone enjoying conversation, cocktails, and a spread of some amazing food. 

One of the best parts was we had all 4 of Poppy's kids, all 8 grandkids, and 3 out of 4 inlaws in attendance - that doesn't happen nearly enough! We took advantage and snapped lots and lots of photos (can you believe the 7 grandsons all had striped button down shirts on? It was too funny and totally not planned!) 

It's clear Poppy has lived quite a life and he has a tremendous family which I'm happy to be apart of and an eclectic and fun group of friends to show for it. Here's to many many more birthdays and candles to blow out in the future!! 

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