Sunday, May 11, 2014

Camping at Lake Anna...

The Virginia State Parks always close down for the winter (and with the winter we had, rightfully so) but come February we are always itching to get back to some of our favorite parks - only we have to wait until March 1. So, after all that waiting we were finally able to get back to Lake Anna for a rare "spring-like" weekend in March. 

As per usual, Adam was over the moon. He loves that park as the sites prove to be perfect baseball diamonds. I think we each took turns pitching and hitting about a thousand times - Liddy of course played the perfect outfielder. 

We also got in a picnic at Cooper Vineyards where they just happened to have corn hole set up. Adam had so much fun and it finally gave us the inspiration we needed to build our own set. 

Liddy and I enjoyed a nice long walk to the lake to take in the views. It was warm enough I wanted to jump in (and of course Liddy would have in a heartbeat) but we decided to stay dry and think of weekends to come where the water might be a tad bit warmer! :) 

It was the perfect first camping trip to one of our amazing VA State Parks for 2014! 

(and then it snowed on Monday....) 

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