Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring Break Part IV - That time I became famous at the campground...

One of the fun things about camping is you never really know what might happen. You have a vague idea of what to expect - do they have a pool? What's nearby? What have previous campers had to say about the place? Etc. But since the camping experience has a lot to do with the people you encounter, it's always a bit of an unknown situation. In Tybee, I can promise you we had no idea ahead of time that someone would be driving around the campground with a truckload of just caught seafood on ice. We also had no idea that there was such a thing as the "Rolls Royce of Shrimp." But, now we know and after hearing the gentleman say they were so fresh you could eat them raw, I of course had to test that theory. So, I ate a raw shrimp from the back of some guys truck and lived to tell the tale. And oh my was it worth it. Tasted like lobster dipped in butter - so good. We obviously had to buy a bag of them - yes, he sells them by the bag - half or full. 

We grilled them up for dinner that night - Andy wasn't as keen on trying them raw - and happily they were (almost) as amazing grilled up. By the end of our shrimp feast we were wishing we'd bought a full bag...or two! 

Meanwhile, throughout the day, I had several campers come up to our site to ask "I hear some woman ate the shrimp raw right off the truck - is she here?" Why yes, yes I am here & I'll be here all week... :) 

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