Saturday, May 31, 2014

A wonderful Mother's Day...

It was a beautiful Mother's Day. We worked in the yard planting flowers and mowing the lawn (these things are still fun - for now) and got to enjoy a great dinner on the deck with Mark, Kathleen & Olivia. There was a mani/pedi involved as well and the tastiest oysters acquired from the Farmer's Market the day before. Chocolate covered strawberries rounded out the day - my request every year. 

I was gifted with a hand crafted vase of flowers made from Adam's hand prints and each petal completed the sentence "I love you because..." 

"My mom & dad they both take me to the movies."
"I also love my mom because she takes me to places and I have lots of fun."
"I love my mom she does things for me all the times."
"I love my mom so much cause she loves me too!" 

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