Tuesday, April 8, 2014


While 99.9% of our weekend at Wintergreen was wonderful, fun, and full of laughs, there was one moment that was the exact opposite and that would be the moment I slipped, fell, and nearly broke my wrist...ouch! 

To my credit, right before I slipped on our walk on the golf course I warned everyone to be careful - (note to self - take your own advice in the future!) In an effort to try and catch myself I did some painful (but thankfully not lasting) damage to my wrist. I tried to shake it off, but after the 3 hour car ride it appeared it was getting worse (and rather green and blue) so instead of going home, Andy dropped me off at the emergency room by our house. The initial X-Rays showed a possible fracture and I was told I'd need a quasi-permanent splint until I could see an orthopedist. 

Having never broken a bone in my life, this was not exactly something I was prepared for. Luckily it was not actually a fracture, simply a sprain and I was out of that "cast" in 5 days, but boy was it a pain in the neck trying to shower (and ps: Andy does not know how to put hair in a pony tail, ha!) On the bright side, I got to have Adam sign my "cast" - that is once he got over his fear of it and was willing to come near me again - yes, that took 2 days...sigh.

Oh well, I'll knock on wood (softly of course, don't want to break a knuckle) that this is as close as I ever come to a broken bone...

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