Sunday, April 6, 2014


Seems a silly title for a post being written in April, but what can I say, I'm behind. We'll get there folks, just stick with me.

Back in February we got Adam up on skis for the first time. I can still remember my first time on skis, at age 3, and hope that Adam's first run at it will be a memory he'll keep for a long time. Fun to compare the two photos, same location separated by nearly 30 years (it seems helmets have taken the place of balloons...makes sense)...

We dropped him at ski school and were promptly kicked out by the instructors - NO PARENTS ALLOWED! Which was ok with us, we simply headed across the way for breakfast and bloody mary's while we spied on Adam through the window. 

Towards the end of his 3 hour session we snuck back over and got a close up look at his progress. He was doing so great and having so much fun. I wish we'd gotten up to Wintergreen sooner in the winter but we'll look forward to a ski filled winter of 2015! 

Adam certainly enjoyed the post ski rest and relaxation by the fire...yup Adam, I gotcha, been there, done that! :) 

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