Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Harper's First Visit to Frying Pan Park...

We made a spur of the moment visit to Frying Pan Park last month after a morning of running "boring errands" as Adam would say. It was Harper's first time and it was fun to watch him take it all in - surprisingly enough it was also Andy's first time there so it was cute to see him checking everything out as well. Of course Adam and I have had our fair share of visits (see here, here, here and here.)

Harper was cute riding on the tractors - Adam didn't want to take a turn - what? Is he growing up too fast or what!? 

The little piglets were too cute and had Harper's attention for quite some time. Of course he also enjoyed seeing the chickens, bunny rabbits, cows, goats, and wild turkeys too! Though his favorite part was probably just trying to keep up with his big brother. 


It was a fun morning on the farm and I know we'll be going back again soon - besides we didn't even introduce Harper to wagon ride or merry-go-round! Next time! :) 

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