Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Member Guest...

Last month I had the opportunity to play with my mom in her member guest golf tournament. It was a super clever theme - "Partners in Crime" - and was a really fun day on the course with old golf buddies - and of course with my momma! 

The tournament committee did such a great job with all the clever details of the murder mystery theme. You basically played a game of "Clue" throughout the round with evidence bags on each green that you could open - assuming you met the criteria - for instance "Did someone on your team make a net par?" or "Did anyone on your team hit a tree?" Ha! Luckily (or in some cases not so luckily) we were able to open all the bags so we were able to solve the mystery. 

Everyone was also encouraged to decorate their carts and the course was also "decorated" with bloody body parts and pieces of evidence - slightly creepy but very fun. 

Of course the best part of the day was getting to play golf and realizing that even after 2+ years of not golfing that I still had some game in me. Oh, and did I mention our team came in 1st place for Low Net? 

Such a fun day and looking forward to playing golf again soon! Thanks Mom!! 

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