Thursday, July 6, 2017

Back to Clearwater Beach, FL....

The evening of the March for Babies I had to hop on a plane and head down to Clearwater Beach, FL for my company's annual conference. Talk about a whirlwind day! 

I really do love this conference every year and all the hard work that goes into planning it. This was our biggest conference yet and I was really proud of how my team pulled together to pull it off and put on an excellent event for our customers. We had some great presentations from companies like IBM, Michelin, Nissan, and Scwhann Foods. It's always great to hear our customers get up and give presentations about their reliability and ultrasound programs. A lot of them are speaking for the first time which takes a lot of courage so it's fun to see them face their fears and in the end they get these huge rounds of applause and you can just see how proud they are of themselves - always makes me beam with pride too! 

We have a lot of fun as a group as well. Lots of yummy food, sunsets, a great beach BBQ, and late night story telling that has all of us laughing so hard. I say it every year but I love the guys I work with (and we've got a lot of new members of the team who are great!) and our customers are just so fun and always speak so highly of our event - which makes all the hard work worth it! 

Of course one of the highlights is always when it's all said and done and I can escape to the pool, ear buds in, cocktail in hand and just relax...ahhhhh....(and then get sun burned, oops!)

Until next year! 

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