Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Vacation - Williamsburg...

Our favorite campground, the Williamsburg KOA, was the first stop on our summer vacation. We were looking forward to spending two nights there before heading to the Outer Banks. It's actually the perfect halfway spot and it was a great excuse to use our Busch Gardens passes again. 

The kids loved playing in the pool and at the splash pad (which wasn't open when we were there for spring break). Adam also got to take advantage of some pony rides they were offering one of the evenings. We cooked some yummy dinners over the fire, including a new salmon recipe that turned out to be so good. 

Busch Gardens was a big success as well. It wasn't too crowded which allowed for Andy and I to take turns on some of the roller coasters that Adam isn't quite tall enough to ride yet - like Apollo's Chariot (the BEST!) & the Griffon (I still can't believe I had the nerve to ride it - but no line meant zero time to reconsider - turns out it was pretty awesome.) 

We spent some time cooling off at Das Festhouse in Germany where we got to listen to some of the show - Harper was dancing and clapping along - pretty cute. Adam wins the prize though after taking off his glasses and raising them in the air after the performers asked everyone to "raise their glasses." Too funny! 

Lots and lots of fun was had and vacation was just getting started...

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