Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer Vacation - Camp Hatteras...

After taking a year off from visiting Camp Hatteras we were excited to get back to one of our favorite campgrounds. We booked a site closer to the pool and thus farther from the beach this time, but with our golf cart in tow we still had quick and easy access to the ocean. The bonus was less wind and less sand at our site. Harper served as the official Mayor of Camp Hatteras - waving to everyone and of course to all the dogs - as they passed by our site. 

We loved spending the mornings at the beach (more on that in another post) and our afternoons at the pool. We love having the ability to bring rafts and noodles to the pool, something our local pools don't allow. We also brought a pool of our own which served as a great way to remove a bulk of the sand before heading to the actual pool. :) 

The dogs enjoyed getting to run around at the dog park and the kids had fun chasing them around as well. 

They also have a great park that Adam would spend his evenings at making friends with the other kids at the campground. It's fun getting to watch him be a bit more independent on these trips. 

We enjoyed some awesome meals - most of them cooked over the fire. However one night we did splurge and ordered some steamed crabs and of course our favorite - steamed shrimp - from Austin's. Adam was quite the crab picker and really enjoyed eating up all that sweet meat. 

Evening golf cart rides were also a staple of our trip. We would take turns driving around listening to good music and checking out everyone's camp set-ups - yes - that's a thing you do when you're a camper. Even Harper tried to get behind the wheel a few times! :) 

We realized after our week was over that we really only turned the tv on one time so Adam could watch American Ninja Warrior - the rest of the time we were outdoors enjoying everything the campground had to offer - minus the cable. :) 

Can't wait to head back again next summer.

Up next...we hit the beach! 

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