Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer Vacation - Sand in Our Toes (and everywhere else...)

Last summer our beach trip was really more of a "we're at the beach, but our house has a pool so we're gonna just hang there" kind of trip (read here) so we were looking forward to really getting our toes in the sand on this trip. 

Adam was quite the beach bum digging holes, building sand castles, and making friends (two girls who just couldn't get enough of playing with him - adorable). He also spent a lot of time boogie boarding and diving through the waves. 

At first we weren't too sure if Harper was going to be equally as "beach bummish" as he was a bit unsure of the feeling of the sand on his toes at first. However after about 15 minutes of watching big brother digging in the sand he decided it was time to join in on the fun. Needless to say the two of them had a ball playing in the sand together and Andy and I enjoyed getting to sit comfortably in our chairs watching them do it. :) Ah the joys of having a big brother to help out! 


Harper was also very interested in splashing in the water - in fact he was really more interested in just getting in as deep as possible which, ummm, hello, was not as relaxing as when the boys were digging in the sand. To be fair though, Adam did spend some good time teaching him to just sit and let the water come up to him - so that lasted a good 3 minutes. 

All joking aside it was a really fun time spent playing at the beach each day. Even Liddy got to get a morning swim in - she really is a water dog! 

Up next...The Wright Brother's Memorial & National Park...

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