Friday, July 7, 2017

Adam's Field Trip to the Zoo...

Adam was so excited when he learned that the 2nd grade field trip each year was to the National Zoo. He asked if I would put my name into the lottery to be a chaperone and so of course I obliged. Sure enough my name was pulled and so I got to accompany 120+ 2nd graders for a day at the zoo. 

I was assigned 5 boys to my group - what?! Adam says it's because the four other boys requested to be in Adam's group but I think it's the teacher playing a mean trick on me - regardless, we all survived and somehow I managed to get the same 5 boys back on the bus at the end of the day. 

It was actually a pretty fun day watching Adam interact with his buddies. They were all really interested in seeing the animals and reading about them. They also were happy to pose for photos and since one of the boys had a camera with him they also posed for several selfies throughout the day as well - too funny. 

It was definitely a hot day though so the boys enjoyed cooling off in the various misters they had set up around the zoo. I also treated them to cups of free ice before we got on the bus - they were beyond appreciative.

It was a fun day for all and even though I was exhausted the adorable thank you cards that came home to me a few days later made it all worth it. 

Wonder where they will go in 3rd grade?! 

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