Friday, July 21, 2017

Last Day of 2nd Grade...

I remember Adam being a bit nervous before 2nd grade started. He had the same teacher for both Kindergarten and 1st grade and there was some comfort and familiarity with that. All he knew for 2nd grade was the name of his teacher - he'd never met her and had no idea which of his friends might be in his class. Of course upon arriving home on that first day he came racing off the bus cheering about how great 2nd grade was going to be - and it was. He had a lot of great friends in his class, he learned a ton, and boy did he grow up. 

We are so proud of what he accomplished this year and we know there are great things in store for him as he prepares to begin 3rd grade. 

To celebrate I greeted him with a water gun attack as he got off the school bus. He loved every second of it....hello summer vacation! 

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