Monday, April 30, 2012

Frying Pan Park

I remember going to Frying Pan Park when I was a kid, in fact my memories are mostly of GG (the lady who would stay with us when my parents would go on trips) taking me, and somehow that seems to make the memories that much more special.  Anyhow, I figured it was time for Adam to check it out so with Kathleen and Olivia in tow, we headed over on a beautiful and sunny morning.

Spring is definitely a great time to visit, I couldn't believe how many baby animals we got to see.  The kids were mesmerized, pointing from one animal to another.  It's really great how close up you can get. 

While all the animals were fun to see, I'd say a highlight for Adam was getting to test out the various tractors.  It's clear he takes his tractor driving very any good farmer would. 

To top off our morning at the farm we took the kids on a carousel ride.  This was Olivia's first ride on a carousel and Adam loved having his cousin along for the ride. 

It was a great (free!) morning for the cousins, for the mommies, for the aunties and for the sisters! :)

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