Monday, April 2, 2012

Trip to Westmoreland State Park...

I think I was in middle school the last time I visited Westmoreland.  I spent a weekend there camping with Megan and her family.  I remember playing farkle, competing to see who could find the most shark teeth on the beach, and we may have even had a tornado warning.  While some of the details have blurred after all these years, I haven't forgotten the fun I had and was certainly reminded of that as my little family took a trip there this weekend.  

While the skies threatened rain for most of the day, it was just that, a threat.  We stayed dry, and when the sun would peek out we warmed up and when it hid again, we simply built a fire. 

We went for a great hike from the beach back up the cliffs.  It was a lot of really...a lot of stairs.  It was definitely one of those "don't look down" moments.

The reward, a trip to Ingleside Winery, home of my favorite summer time red--Blue Crab Red.  The gentleman doing the tastings was a riot and our fellow tasters were equally entertaining.

It was another great camping adventure and I'm thankful to have added to my memories of Westmoreland and happy to have introduced Adam to Virginia's Northern Neck.  He definitely loved it.  There was a tunnel slide, so really, what's not to love?!  


allison said...

I remember going to Westmoreland with the McCarthy family, though there actually was a tornado!

Your little boy is too cute Maureen.

Maureen Gribble said...

Thanks Allison!! I remember that tornado story--maybe I was blurring that into my memory of our trip, ha!